VI. 602 - Emergency Closings

Rev. 4-7-14

Weather Emergencies:

Closing & Cancellation Policy

Drury's policy on whether to close or remain open during inclement weather is simple: Except in extraordinary situations, the university never closes. The president of Drury University will decide when to close the institution.

However, the safety of our students, faculty and staff is of paramount importance. If, in your opinion, traveling to Drury is not safe, please stay home. Students may work with professors to make up any lost work. Employees may make up lost time with vacation time, or through other arrangements with their supervisors.

Day College

With Drury's high proportion of residential students, classes rarely will be cancelled for Day College undergraduates. When possible, a decision will be made by 6:00 a.m. the day of the closing.

When classes remain in session, faculty who are unable to reach campus should call the Office of Academic Affairs at 873-7225, as well as their department chairs. If possible and appropriate, other faculty may cover the class; otherwise it will be cancelled and a notice posted on the door of the building where the class would have been held.


Because most CCPS students commute, classes in this division are more likely to be canceled. At the Springfield campus, the Dean of the College of Continuing Professional Studies is responsible for deciding whether to cancel classes. Directors at each of the branch campuses will decide for each location, and will contact the Dean's office or Marketing and Communication. The decision to cancel classes will be made no later than 3 p.m. in order to allow enough time to inform students, staff and faculty.

Communicating a Closure or Cancellation:

Drury Resources

Updates will be posted on the Drury homepageFacebook page, Twitter and text (you must sign up for this), and a recorded message will be available at (417) 873-SNOW.

TV and Radio Resources

Drury participates in a centralized school closing program in Springfield. This program uses a verification system and advance registration, so there are a limited number of people who can call in a closing. Closings will be broadcast on all local TV stations and many radio stations.

When a department or function is officially closed due to a weather emergency, staff members required to work in the affected department or function during the hours of partial operations must receive equivalent paid time off at a later date for the actual hours worked.  This must be requested in advance.

Unless a department or function is officially closed, full-time and part-time staff unable to report for work due to weather will have the absence charged to accrued vacation, paid personal time, or unpaid leave of absence.

Staff members on leave of absence without pay will receive no compensation, and staff members on vacation or other paid leave will not be required to use their vacation or other paid time off if a weather closing has been issued.

Staff members may leave early only at the discretion of their immediate supervisor or his/her designate. All time lost from work may be charged to accrued vacation or made up during the standard workweek.

Temporary and part-time staff members will not receive vacation and are not paid for the time not worked.