V. 505 - Wage Garnishments

Drury University complies with Missouri garnishment regulations that require withholding from staff members' disposable earnings to satisfy unpaid debt such as court-ordered child support or spousal maintenance, tax levies, general indebtedness and administrative garnishments. Only garnishments processed through the court system (except for administrative garnishments) will be taken. Voluntary wage assignments are not accepted.

Disposable earnings are all earnings after deductions of amounts required by law, which generally include federal income tax, social security tax and state and local taxes. All other deductions, such as medical insurance premiums and retirement contributions, must be included in the garnishment calculation. Although the law allows for the collection of a processing fee, Drury University does not collect this fee.

The amount of wages that can be withheld is restricted by the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act, 15 U.S.C 1673. Percentages vary by type of garnishment, and Drury University withholds only the amount required by law and in the priority order designated.

Drury University accepts the Head of Household affidavit, which is a notarized document declaring the staff member as head of household and restricts the garnishment percentage except in the cases of court-ordered child support or spousal maintenance.