III. 301 - Health Insurance

Rev. 6-01-11

All regular full-time staff members will be covered by health insurance the first day of the month following their date of hire.

Dependents of staff members may enroll within 31 days of the staff members first becoming eligible. During this period, coverage becomes effective the first day of the month following the date of hire. After this 31 day period, coverage is available during an open enrollment or a qualifying event.

Staff members' spouses and dependents are eligible for coverage under the Drury University medical insurance. The cost of dependent coverage will be the responsibility of the staff member.

Group health insurance coverage will cease the last day of the month during which termination occurs. Benefit continuation may be provided as described in Section 302 - Benefit Continuation, (COBRA). The coverage is subject to modification or cancellation by the university at any time in its discretion.

Details of the health insurance benefits plan, including the amount of benefits provided, limitations and restrictions are described in the Summary Plan Description provided to eligible staff members. A copy of the health insurance summary plan description can be found on the Drury's Human Resources website at the following link: Healthcare Plan Summary. Contact the Human Resources Department for more information about health insurance benefits.