II. 203 - Employment Reference Checks

To ensure that individuals who join Drury University are well qualified and have a strong potential to be productive and successful, it is the policy of Drury University to check the employment references of all applicants. Any person applying for a position at Drury consents to the university's reasonable investigation into his or her background.

At times, the university may receive inquiries from third parties, such as prospective employers or banks, seeking to verify employment of an employee. All such inquiries must be referred to the Human Resources Department. Normally, the university requests that such inquiries be placed in writing. The university will typically only verify dates of employment. Requests for any additional information must be made in writing. Generally, additional information will be disclosed only if the employee signs a release authorizing the disclosure. However, the university reserves the right to release any information it deems appropriate in its discretion without authorization.

Security Background Check

The Director of Safety & Security, or other authorized representative of Drury Safety & Security or Human Resources Department, may obtain any information relating to activities from schools, residential management agents, employers, criminal justice agencies, retail business establishments, or other sources of information. This information may include, but is not limited to, academic, residential, achievement, performance, attendance, disciplinary, employment history and criminal history of public record.

For financial or lending institutions, medical institutions, hospitals, health care professionals, and other sources of information, a separate specific release will be required.

Applicants are required to authorize custodians of records and sources of information pertaining to the release of such information upon request of the investigator, Director of Safety & Security, or authorized representative of Drury, regardless of any previous agreement to the contrary.