I. 101 - Staff Member Welcome Message

Welcome to Drury University!

I am pleased to welcome you to Drury University and wish you many successes in your new role.

Each member of the Drury community is essential to student transformation and the mission of the University. As a valued staff member, know that your unique strengths are recognized and cherished by your colleagues. Our top priority is to assist and empower our students to achieve their dreams; I know that you will embrace this mission enthusiastically.

This staff handbook was developed to describe expectations and to outline policies, programs and benefits available to eligible staff. Please familiarize yourself with the contents of the handbook as soon as possible. It will answer many questions about employment at Drury University.

I am confident that your experience at Drury will be challenging, enjoyable and rewarding. Again, welcome!


Dr. David Manuel Signature 

Dr. J. Timothy Cloyd