Payroll Action Form

Note: This form is the BEGINNING of the hiring process. This form should be completed as soon as you know of a student staff member you would like to hire.

Action Type:
Student Information:
Drury email address:
Drury ID Number:
Position Title:
Approximate number of hours per week:
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the named individual is NOT related by marriage or blood to anyone in the hiring department.

* Please note the staff policy handbook prohibits the hiring of relatives in the same department.
Requesting Supervisor:
Drury ID:
Budget Administrator:
Start Date*:
* (Only applies to renewal appointments.
New Hires require HR approval before they may begin working.
The date the student is approved to work will be the start date generated on the appointment letter for new hires.)
End Date:
Is this a work study position?
YES, This appointment is to be filled only by a student with a work study award and I wish to be notified if the student does not have a work study award prior to an appointment letter being issued.
NO, This position will be funded with department funds.
OPTIONAL, If student has work study, please charge to my department's work study account. If the student does not have work study, please charge to our departments GL account.
N/A, This is a termination or resignation notification.

Comments & Questions:
Affidavit & Authorization:
I hereby certify that this department is in compliance with Federal Regulations governing the Federal Work Study Program, specifically that by employing students, no regular employee is displaced and no existing contracts for service are being impaired. Federal Work Study positions must not involve the construction, operation, or maintenance of so much of any facility as is used or is to be used for sectarian instruction or as a place of worship. Positions under Federal Work Study must be free of political involvement.
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