FAQs: Residential & Campus Policies

Can I change my housing assignment?

Moving is not always an option. One of the first things you will do with your new roommate/suitemate is to fill out a roommate agreement form. This opens communication lines and helps facilitate a healthy living environment for everyone. Your RA/CA will provide you with this form. If a student is having conflicts, a Residential Life staff member will try to mediate between the roommates. In some instances, it may be prudent to reassign students. Residence hall students will work with their Resident Directors if reassignment is necessary. Apartment residents should contact their Area Director for reassignment only after mediation with a CA has failed.

How do I get my mail?

Please visit our Mail Service page.

Where can I do laundry?

Please see the Laundry page.

Are kitchen facilities available?

Residence Halls: Smith Hall is the only residence hall with a community kitchen. We do provide one mini-fridge/microwave combo unit per Sunderland suite, and a combo for each room in Smith & Wallace.

Apartment-Style Housing: Please see the Apartment-style Housing page for information about the kitchen amenities in the different apartment types.

Who cleans my room?

You and your roommate/suitemates have that responsibility. Discuss a cleaning schedule with your roommate when completing your roommate agreements. Decide who will purchase replacement wipes, sprays, etc. Our custodial staff keeps community bathrooms, lounges and hallways clean; however, Smith residents should clean up after themselves in the community kitchen.

Who cleans the bathrooms?

In suite-style housing, you and your roommate/suitemates have that responsibility. We recommend developing a rotating cleaning schedule shared by all suitemates. Common area bathrooms are cleaned by custodial staff.

What if something in my room needs to be fixed?

If you notice a problem with your room that needs maintenance, please visit & click "Submit a Work Order." Students may also log in to MyDrury and click 'Facilities Services Work Request' in the red Home menu on the left of the screen. From this link, you can submit Facilities Services work orders online, and track the progress of your maintenance, grounds, and custodial work orders. This same link is also available on the Student tab in MyDrury. If you have a maintenance emergency after 4pm or on a weekend, such as leaking pipes or no heat, contact your RA, Resident Director, or Drury Safety and Security immediately so they can page the on-call maintenance staff.

Technology work requests can be submitted to Drury's Help Desk. Residential students experiencing issues with the cable television service can find helpful information on the Internet & Cable Service page.

Can I smoke or use chewing tobacco or an e-cigarette on campus?

No. Tobacco/nicotine use is prohibited on campus. Students found in violation of the tobacco policy will be subject to the disciplinary sanction process.

Can freshmen park on campus?

Yes, all residential students may bring cars to campus. You are required to get a free parking tag from the Safety and Security office and follow all parking regulations. You will need to bring a copy of your car's registration with you to get your permit.

Where do I park my car?

Residential students park in designated lots. See posted signs in parking lots or pick up a map in the Safety and Security office. Violators are subject to tickets and/or towing. See the Safety and Security site for additional parking information.

When will I receive my parking permit?

You can pick up your free parking permit from the Safety and Security office on Move-In Day. To get your parking permit, please provide your car's make & model and bring your current vehicle registration papers.

What should I do if I receive a parking ticket?

Any questions regarding a parking ticket received on the Drury University campus can be directed to the Safety and Security Office at 417-873-7400 during business hours. To dispute a ticket, visit the Safety and Security office, located in the bottom floor of the FSC.

Where can I use my Meal Plan on campus?

For more information on meal plans and services provided by our food service provider, visit the Fresh Ideas site.

How can I change my Meal Plan?

Meal plans may be changed by students during the first week of classes. Because this alters your contract with Drury University, it is necessary for the resident to come to the Housing office and sign a new form or email/mail a written request for a change. The process only takes a minute, but it does require the resident’s signature. Meal plan changes cannot be made over the phone or by a parent.

What if I want to live off campus and commute to classes?

Drury requires all full-time day school students to live on campus unless they meet specific exemption criteria. One of those exemptions is living at home with a parent within 30 miles of campus. Even if you meet the criteria, you must apply to live off campus in order to receive your exemption.