FAQs for Move-In Day

What date and time can I check in?

Move-in dates & information

What do I need to check in?

The student must be present to check in. To avoid crowding the check-in table, please ask your family members to remain in the vehicle in a designated unloading zone while you check in at your hall desk. CHECK IN BEFORE YOU START UNLOADING.

Where do I get my key?

Fall move-in - Residence hall students:
During the scheduled move-in times, please check in at your residence hall lobby. You will receive your room key after you return the required paperwork at check-in.

If you check in after the scheduled move-in time, you will need to check in at the Security Office (FSC 101). LOCK YOUR DOOR each time you leave the room unattended. It’s usually a good idea to keep one family member in the room and one outside with your belongings until everything is moved in.
Spring move-in - Residence hall students:
Go to the Security Office (FSC 101) to pick up your key at check-in.

Fall & spring move-in - Apartment residents:
Go to the Security Office (FSC 101) to pick up your key at check-in.

Where can I park and unload my car?

Residence hall students:
Check in BEFORE you unload your entire vehicle onto the lawn/sidewalk to make sure your housing assignment has not changed. Expect a lot of traffic around the residence halls when you arrive during move-in. Once your car is unloaded, move your car to a different lot to allow others access for unloading their belongings. Residential Life staff appreciates your compliance with the unloading and parking procedures. Following these rules helps the move-in process go more smoothly for all residents.

  • DO NOT pull into a circle drive if it is full of cars. Blocking drives is a traffic violation and you will be asked to move immediately.
  • DO NOT pull up in a handicapped space, onto a sidewalk, or onto the grass to unload. Vehicles in fire lanes or handicapped spaces (without permit), on the grass or blocking driving lanes will be ticketed and TOWED.
  • You will not be able to pull your vehicle up to the door of your building. Plan to unload your items onto the sidewalk or grass as near the building as possible and move your vehicle immediately after it’s unloaded to make room for another vehicle to unload. Have a family member stay with your belongings while you move your vehicle.

Apartment residents:
You may unload your car on the street nearest your apartment or from the nearest College Park parking lot. Vehicles may not be on curbs, sidewalks, or the grass.

Click Here to find out where parking is available on campus.

Is there an elevator in my hall?

Smith Hall is a three-story building that does not have elevators. None of the apartment-style housing units have elevators. Sunderland Hall and Wallace Hall do have an elevator, but we recommend you take as many items as possible up the stairwells, in order to reduce the wait time for the elevator. Plan to take your heaviest items on the elevator and lighter items on the stairs. PLEASE DO NOT OVERLOAD THE ELEVATORS. We recommend bringing a dolly/luggage cart to assist you with boxes.

What is this packet of stuff in my room?

Residence hall students:
As soon as you unlock your room door to move in, you’ll notice a packet of materials for each resident. The residence hall staff placed these items in your room prior to your arrival. Be sure not to lose this paperwork in the shuffle of moving into your room. This information will be helpful as you settle into campus.

How do I complete the Room Inventory Condition (RIC) form in my room?

When you check in to the residence hall, you will receive a Room Inventory Condition (RIC) form. Apartment residents will receive the form on their key packet. Apartment RICs are also available in the Area Director's office. The first thing you should do after entering your room is fill out your RIC completely. Be sure to note everything that would be considered "damage" to the room, such as nail holes, scratches on finishes, paint condition, any marks or paint on the ceiling, etc. BE SPECIFIC (i.e., 3 nail holes in south wall). Hall staff will check your room condition against the information on this form during check-out, so it’s in your best interest to fill out the form completely and accurately to avoid damage charges when you move out. Residence hall students should return the completed RIC to the registration table as soon as you complete it during move-in. Apartment residents should return the completed RIC form to the Area Director's office within 24 hours of arrival.

Can I paint my room?

We do not permit students to paint their rooms.

How should I hang posters on the wall?

Only use 3M Command adhesives to hang posters and message boards. There are different varieties of these products. Be sure to use the removable ones and not the permanent products. Other putty-like substances can leave an oily residue and may result in damage charges. Residents may not puncture their walls with tacks, nails or other instruments that will cause damage. Ceiling decorations of any kind are not permitted (this includes paint, tacks, screws and adhesive stars and moons).

TIP: Buy approved adhesives before traveling to Springfield for move-in. Springfield stores sell out of these items around move-in time.

Can furniture be removed from the room and replaced with my own?

University-owned room furniture must remain in the resident’s assigned room during the entire contract period. Any missing pieces of furniture at any time will be considered missing and the resident will be charged accordingly.

What do I have to do before I can use my computer on campus?

Please contact the Technology Services website, or call them at 417-873-7300 for questions about your technology needs.

How do I hook up my computer to the Ethernet?

Please refer to the Technology Services website, or call them at 417-873-7300 for questions about your technology needs.

What if I have trouble setting up my computer?

Technology Services provides assistance for students and parents who are experiencing problems while installing computers. Students may call the Help Desk at 417-873-7300, or visit the Technology Services website.

Is there storage available in the hall?

No. Students must keep all of their belongings and all assigned furniture in their rooms.