Benefits of Living On Campus

Drury Stats

  • Resident GPAs were higher than commuter GPAs for both semesters of the 2014-15 academic year
  • 70% of students earning their Leadership Certificate live on campus
  • 1/2 of Drury beds are in campus apartments or houses
  • 0 community bathrooms in our residence halls
  • 77% of Drury bedrooms are single-occupancy

"Living on campus is the best way to make close connections and become involved, and I love the personal interaction dorm life provides." - Brandon Roelling, class of 2017

Studies Show

Students who live in a residence hall are more likely to . . .

  • Persist to graduation
  • Have greater openness to diversity & challenge, which is important for navigating the workforce
  • Get more involved in campus activities, which can lead to more leadership positions and a deeper connection to faculty and staff

Extreme Convenience

  • Ditch the moving van. Rooms are fully-furnished with a bed, desk, chair, dresser, shelves, and feature an in-suite microwave & mini-fridge
  • Cable, Internet, utilities, meals, and laundry costs are all included
  • Never miss a class or study group due to car problems or dangerous road conditions
  • Be steps away from 24-hour computer labs with specialized software specific to your major

"Living with friends is like that secret tunnel between your houses that you always wanted when you were younger (or maybe still do!) - Cathy Robinson, class of 2015

Ease of Payment

  • You'll pay one convenient $200 housing deposit for all your years on campus. Avoid having deposits all over town for cable, utilities, and trash
  • You know exactly what your monthly housing costs will be
  • In a jam financially? Student loans and grants can cover housing and meals
  • No need for a credit check or co-signer

Campus Amenities 

Residential Amenities (Drury housing is all-inclusive!)