On-Campus Recycling & Trash Service

Students are responsible for taking their trash & recycling to their assigned Dumpster or trash can.


All students may use the recycling center located at 927 N. Franklin Ave.  The recycling center accepts cardboard, tin, aluminum, plastic, newspaper and glass. 

Residence halls:  Inside each building there are blue bins for plastic, aluminum, and paper.   

Glass recycling:  Located in the small "trash" bins next to the co-mingled recycling containers in the housing areas (except at Summit Park).

Drury has several single-stream recycling drop-off locations.  Co-mingled GREEN Dumpsters accept the following:  

Recycle Map

The following locations have GREEN co-mingled recycling Dumpsters.  

College Park: The fire lane to the north of the studios 

Jefferson Park:  Jefferson Park parking lot

Manley Hall:  Jefferson Park parking lot

Summit Park: Summit Park parking lot

Midtown houses:  Use any of the green recycling Dumpsters on campus, or visit the Recycling Center at the intersection of Central & Summit Streets.

Fraternity houses: Parking Lot D.

University Suites: Behind the Rose O'Neil house on the northeast side of the complex.  

Recycling Map


Residence halls: Dumpsters are located in the Sunderland/Wallace parking lot (Lot C) and in the Smith lot (B).

College Park: Dumpsters are located on the north side of College Park studios in the fire lane, the west side of College Park Phase 3 in the parking lot, fraternity house parking Lot D.

Jefferson Park: The Dumpster is located in the Jefferson Park parking lot.

Manley Hall: Use the Dumpster located in the Jefferson Park parking lot.

Summit Park: The Dumpster is located in the Summit Park parking lot.

Midtown houses: Some Midtown houses have trash bins outside their home. Please place non-recyclables in these bins and roll them to the street on Wednesday night for pick-up early Thursday morning. Houses without trash bins need to take their trash to the Dumpsters located in the Jefferson Park parking lot or the west side of College Park Phase 3 in the parking lot.

Fraternity houses: Dumpsters are located in Lot D and in the parking lot on the west side of College Park Phase 3.

University Suites: A Dumpster is located on the east side of the complex.