Housing Options for 2017-2018

Specialty Housing for Current Full-Time Drury Students

Fraternity Housing
Students who will live in a fraternity house must submit their housing contracts in MyDrury by 4 p.m. on Friday, March 3, 2017. All fraternity chapters require that members live in their house for a set number of semesters. Each fraternity has its own process for room assignments, and fall room selections must take place in March. Students who do not live in fraternity housing for the specified amount of time may be subject to additional fees that are assessed by the fraternity. Speak to your fraternity president to see if you are eligible to apply for other campus housing or seek a housing exemption through the Housing Office.

Foreign Languages House
Four undergraduate students will be selected for the Foreign Languages House, a dynamic semi-immersion experience designed to provide language students and native speakers of French and Spanish with additional cultural and linguistic opportunities as they learn about and interact with students, faculty, and community members from countries around the world. Residents will develop close relationships with faculty in the Language programs as they help to lead programs on campus and for the community, giving them excellent resume-building experience in foreign languages—an area of expertise that is increasingly sought-after on the job market in all fields.  Research credit & Engaged Learning credits may be available. Confirm eligibility and fill out the Foreign Languages application (coming soon!) on or before Monday, February 13, 2017. Contact Cathy Blunk, cblunk@drury.edu, with questions. Selection will be announced February 20, 2017.

Honors House
The Honors House is designed to offer students accepted into Drury’s Honors Program an opportunity to engage in discovery, exploration, creativity, and leadership through co-curricular experiences that deepen the honors experience. Each year, the three students in the house will either plan programming for the Honors Student Association or organize a service learning project for the year for the Honors Program. Please complete the PDF application and have faculty or staff submit two letters of recommendation to Dr. Richard Schur at rschur@drury.edu on or before February 13, 2017. Selection will be announced February 20, 2017.

Humanities House
Six undergraduate students are selected to live in the Humanities House, situated in Drury University’s historic Parsonage. This experience is designed to be a unique living and learning community for students. Residents have the opportunity to learn from peers, develop strong relationships with faculty, organize divisional events, and enjoy a memorable and exciting interdisciplinary atmosphere in a tight-knit and supportive community. Engaged Learning Credit is available!  Email Dr. Katherine Gilbert at kgilbert@drury.edu with any questions. Please complete the online application on or before Monday, February 13, 2017. Selection will be announced February 20, 2017. 

Rose O'Neill House - Information TBA
Two undergraduate students will be selected to live in the Rose O'Neill house on Summit Street.

Social Justice House
Dive in to the world of activism and social justice! The Drury Social Justice House is an opportunity for students who are interested or already engaged in social justice in our community and the broader world. Residents will connect with local organizations and activists as well as gain hands-on experience in planning and organizing events that create a stronger dialogue around social justice. The Social Justice House facilitates further investigations in the meaning of justice while encouraging students to enact transformative justice in the local community and beyond. Students will also have to opportunity to earn Engaged Learning credit while living in the house. Email Dr. David Derossett dderosse@drury.edu with any questions. Confirm eligibility and fill out an application (coming soon!) on or before February 13, 2017. Selection will be announced February 20, 2017.  

Summit Park Leadership Community
Summit Park residents participate in a year-long service project & attend a year-long leadership class. The Summit courses do not incur course overload fees. Engaged Learning credit available. There is a group application and presentation. Summit Park is primarily for sophomores, but we do offer it to juniors and seniors if the project/presentations are of high quality. The application is available online.  Electronic applications are due to rgipson@drury.edu & a hard copy should be delivered to Community Outreach & Leadership by 12 noon on March 24, 2017. Summit Park selection will be announced March 3, 2017. Contact the office of Leadership & Volunteer Development at (417) 873-7608 for questions.

Apartments & Regular Midtown Houses
Following residency continuation, placement is granted at housing sign-up nights based on each group’s cumulative earned credit hours (or on each individual’s credit hours for 1-person apartments). To get on the sign-up night lists, be sure to submit your groups' information on the online housing selection forms, and each roommate will need to submit a contract in MyDrury by the advertised deadlines. Within MyDrury, access the contract by choosing "Campus Life" from the top menu, click the "housing" folder from the left menu, then choose "Housing contract" from the left menu. The 2017-18 contract will not be available until the first of February.

Housing options include: 
     • College Park
     • University Suites
     • Jefferson Park North and South
     • Jefferson Park West
     • Midtown houses
     • Manley Hall

WallaceSmith & Sunderland Residence Halls
If you prefer to live in a residence hall, fill out a housing contract in MyDrury by 4 p.m. on April 5, 2017. You’ll be assigned to a room based on the building rankings indicated on the housing contract. You are not required to complete an online selection form to be assigned to a residence hall.  

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