Housing & Residence Life

First-Year Student Housing Checklist

  • Check out Housing FAQs.

  • Become familiar with our policies and procedures.

  • Google Springfield, MO to check out the area (closest Wal-Mart, Battlefield Mall, city bus service, movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc).

  • Contact the Office of Admission to set up a tour of campus or a visit day, or take the virtual tour of your housing options.

  • Fill out a Housing Contract to live on campus and indicate your residential meal plan, OR complete a Housing Exemption form to be exempt from the university housing policy. Commuter students may purchase an off-campus meal plan. Note: All full-time day students are required to live on campus unless they meet certain criteria. Students 21 and over will receive priority for off-campus housing. Complete a Housing Exemption Form if you need to apply to move off campus. Students who do not receive written permission to exempt from the housing policy are expected to live on campus.

  • Mail Housing Contract with $300 to cover both the housing and tuition deposits OR Housing Exemption Form with $100 tuition deposit to the Office of Admission, 900 N. Benton, Springfield, Mo 65802. Make checks out to Drury University and indicate the type of deposit(s) you are paying in the "Memo" line on your check.

  • If you want your parent(s), guardian(s), etc. to be able to call Drury to get information about you and your experiences here, you will need to complete a Student Consent for Information Release (available in MyDrury, on the Student tab under "Student Forms"). Students need to grant permission for parents to access academic, disciplinary, financial, and personal information with this release.

  • Check your Drury email account upon receipt and continue to check it regularly for important updates, including housing assignments (e-mailed in mid-June), move-in tips, financial aid information and more.

  • Consider pre-ordering your bed linens with Residence Hall Linens.

  • Log onto MyDrury to check your housing/tuition bills and student profile.

  • Submit Confidential Health Form to the Student Health Office, 900 N. Benton, Springfield, MO 65802.

  • Educate yourself about the meningitis vaccine and decide if getting vaccinated is right for you. Submit your proof of vaccination or waiver to the Dean of Students Office, 900 N. Benton, Springfield, MO 65802.

  • Submit your health insurance form to the Dean of Students Office, 900 N. Benton, Springfield, MO 65802.   Residence hall students may submit this to their Hall Director on Move-In Day.

  • Contact your roommate after receiving your assignment in early-June. Begin planning room décor and decide who is bringing large and joint-use items (television, rug, stereo, etc).

  • Go to Freshman First Day to meet your roommate and check out an example of your residence hall room.

  • Get keys, parking permit and student ID on Move-In Day.