What is an Honors Course?

Honors courses offer students a deeper and more intense academic experience than traditional classes. They offer a “hands on” and “student-directed” approach to learning and demand that students take ownership over their education by posing questions, examining evidence, and joining the scholarly conversation about course topics. In the Honors Program at Drury University, “honors” courses are not advanced classes that cover more material. Rather, they invite students to be active participants and partners with the faculty in intellectual exploration and knowledge creation. To be identified as an honors course or as an honors-qualified course, a class must employ one or more of the following pedagogies: student-led curricula, student-faculty research, service learning, problem-based learning, and primary source instruction.

The Honors Contract Option

We also encourage students to work with faculty to transform non-honors classes into honor classes through the honors contract option. If an honors student would like to dig deeper into a topic or material from a non-honors class, he or she should contact the faculty member when enrolling and discuss the possibility of creating an honors contract that outlines how the course will be supplemented (see criteria for honors courses above) to meet the requirements of an honors course. If the faculty member agrees to supervise the additional work or project, then the student must submit a signed honors contract to the Director of the Honors Program during the first week of the semester.