Honors Program Mission Statement & Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement

The mission of the Drury University Honors Program is to:

  • Create a community of like-minded students, who fully engage in living and learning on the Drury campus.
  • Facilitate strong learning and advising relationships between Honors students and Drury faculty.
  • Offer Honors classes that feature a “hands on” education through research, service learning, problem/project-based learning, and primary source texts.
  • Support the research and scholarly activities of Honors students
  • Prepare students for personal and professional success, graduate study, and competition for graduate and international research fellowships and awards.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Scholarship: Student can conduct academic research or produce creative products at an exemplary level in their field.
  2. Communication: Student can communicate their Honors project or their Honors project results in a fluent oral and written manner to professionals in their areas of expertise.
  3. Real World Application: Student can apply ideas, methods, and knowledge from multiple disciplines to a question or issue.
  4. Holistic Understanding: Student can demonstrate an awareness of how scientific, humanities, and artistic perspectives work together to provide a deeper understanding of questions or issues.
  5. Ethics: Students will apply ethical principles in their personal and professional lives.
  6. Leadership: Students will assume leadership roles in the classroom, organization(s), and/or the larger community and contribute to the common good.