Honors Students Present Research at Great Plains Honors Conference

The Honors Program traveled to the Great Plains Honors Conference in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Meagan Carmack, Trevor Cobb, Mackenzie Cox, Jacob Hubers and Natalie Maxson presented their research.

Trevor Cobb and Natalie Maxson presented the research from their senior honors projects. Collaborating with faculty, they have worked on these projects for the past year.  Trevor’s presentation, “100, Thumbs Up, Eggplant: How Emoji Develop Meaning in Three Languages,” explored the cross-cultural uses of emoji. Natalie’s research, “Ask Me to Lead: Degendering West Coast Swing,” explored recent changes in the dance community.

Meagan Carmack won the 2017 White-Foster Research Scholarship. She studied with Dr. Jeff VanDenBerg about the Arab Spring. Meagan presented her paper “Understanding the Arab Spring Through Individual and Country Participation Rates Related to the Effects of Neoliberalism Post 1980: A Literature Review and OLS Model Regression” at the conference.

Mackenzie Cox and Jacob Hubers have participated in the Dr. Richard Schur’s Toni Morrison Project for the past year. Mackenzie presented a research talk entitled “The Subtle Weapon: A Literary Analysis of Microaggressions in The Bluest Eye." Jacob explored “Law and Crime within The Bluest Eye : A Quantitative Approach to a Quantitative Field.”