Honors Sections of CORE 101 - Fall 2016

“The Meaning of Life” (LLC) Dr. Peter Browning

This section will address the meaning of life, arguably the most important question a human can ask. We will weave a path through Philosophy, History, Religion, and Psychology, seeking inspiration from leading philosophers, from Viktor Frankl’s search for meaning within a Nazi concentration camp, and from contemporary films. We will also work outside the classroom, seeking to complement our learning with experiences in our community. Our journey will include moments that are challenging, revelatory, ridiculous, sobering, hilarious, and inspiring. You may not come away with an “answer”, but you will learn how to think about the question.

Pre-Health Sciences (LLC) Dr. Mark Wood

This course examines explores issues in the health sciences, with a focus on wealth and wellness. Along with developing analytical and interpretation skills, the students will also improve their creative abilities.

“Participating in a Dynamic Universe” Dr. Kris Wiley

Change is a constant. It is inescapable, sometimes manageable, and always meaningful. In this section of CORE 101, we will address writing skills, information literacy, and critical thinking using change as a conceptual lens. We will explore models of change from physical science to social science, analyzing cause, process, and consequence, and seeking understanding through common underlying structure. From natural cycles to revolution, our role as both recipients and agents of change will be an emergent theme. The structure of the course will rely heavily on synthesis and discussion of assorted readings, culminating in individual research.

“LLC” indicates that these sections are “Living and Learning Communities” and that these students will live together in Sunderland Hall and take CORE 101 together. Students interested in a LLC honors section must apply separately to participate in the LLCs. The application can be found here. Learn more information about LLCs.