Honors Portfolio

Honors students entering Drury Fall 2016 or later will need to complete an approved Honors Portfolio as part of the honors degree. The Honors Portfolio has two purposes. First, it allows a student to document and highlight the good work they have accomplished through the program and provides a record of achievement. Second, the portfolios enable the honors faculty to review the quality of the Honors Program.

Students will use their portfolios to document how they met the learning objectives and graduation requirements of the Honors Program. The Honors Portfolio is introduced during the HNRS 205 Freshmen Honors Seminar and honors students are expected to update them throughout an honors student’s time at Drury. The final version of the portfolio, which documents a student’s honors project, will be submitted as part HNRS 410 Honors Portfolio and must be approved by the Honors Council. This course is taken during a student’s last semester. 

The final Honors Portfolio must include

  • Portfolio Statement and Overview
  • One assignment or project from every honors course, with a short reflective essay (between 150-200 words) about what was learned in that assignment. We encourage students to organize their portfolios by student learning outcomes and to include papers, power-point presentations, visual projects, short videos, or other kinds of assignments.
  • Offer examples or illustrations of how the student met the six learning goals of the Honors Program: Scholarship, Communication, Real-World Application, Holistic Understanding, Ethics, and Leadership
  • Honors Project components - prospectus or proposal, literature review, final paper, off-campus presentation.

The Honors Program encourages students to "document early and often," saving assignments and projects from every semester. Honors students should also document attendance on Honors Program and Honors Student Association events. We also encourage students to include any significant learning or growth experience in their portfolio, even if doesn't occur in an "honors" course. For example, many students will include study abroad, internship, and work experiences in their honors portfolios. In most instances, students will be creating electronic portfolios as websites. Students wishing to create a hard copy portfolio should speak with the Honors Director before proceeding.

The Honors Program reviews a student's Honors Portfolio each year to evaluate a student's progress in the program.

Here are some sample portfolios of current freshman and sophomores to get a sense of what a portfolio can look like:

These students (and the rest of the honors students) will continue updating their portfolios throughout their time at  Drury. Check back in later semesters to see what our students are up to!