Honors Course Descriptions

HNRS 205: First-Year Honors. 3 hours.

This course is an intensive seminar for incoming honors students that will delve into many of the world’s most profound ideas and artifacts, while at the same time introducing students to library and field research.

HNRS 250: Honors Reading Seminar. 1 hour.

A seminar devoted to the discussion of books and films. Each student chooses a selection of books and/or films and must be prepared to lead discussions of the selected works. Students may take this course three times.

HNRS 401, 402: Senior Colloquium and Research. 401 is 3 hours, 402 is 2 hours.

Prerequisite: Two 200-level courses and one 300-level course in the honors program.
Working with a mentor, students develop a plan for individualized research, in-depth, into a subject of their interest. The senior colloquium meets weekly to discuss the research projects and to provide a community of scholars who can assist and support each other. During the second semester, students present their research papers to the colloquium for discussion and debate, thus entering the great conversations of our tradition. The papers must exhibit high standards of scholarship and they must illuminate the subject in its historical context and social significance. Evaluation is made by the honors committee.

HNRS 410: Honors Portfolio. 0 hours.

This course meets the Honors Program requirement that each honors student submit an approved honors portfolio. Each student portfolio will document how the student met the learning objectives and graduation requirements of the Honors Program. The Honors Portfolio is introduced during the HNRS 205 Freshmen Honors Seminar and honors students are expected to update them throughout an honors student’s time at Drury. The final version of the portfolio, which documents a student’s honors project, will be submitted during the course and must be approved by the Honor’s Council. This course is taken during a student’s last semester.

HNRS 290, 390, 490: Selected Topics. 3 hours.

HNRS 487, 488: Honors Internship. 3 hours.