Honors Program

Why Honors?

The Honors Program is designed to help you develop your talents and explore your interests with a community of likeminded students and faculty. In honors courses, you will discuss ideas with a group of exceptional students, solve problems, serve the community, engage in intensive exploration of primary sources, or perform original research that may lead to a conference presentation or even a publication. We believe such study is a reward in itself. But the intensive nature of the Honors program is also excellent preparation for graduate school, professional careers, and for success in a world that is sure to become more complex as time passes.

As an honors student, you will work closely with honors faculty from across campus and receive an extraordinary amount of guidance and mentoring. Honors instructors are selected on the basis of their success as teachers and their distinction as scholars. Experts in their respective fields, they are passionate about their subject matter and deeply committed to their students. The honors faculty performs the roles of mentors, collaborators, and intellectual “coaches.” 

More than just a set of classes, the Honors Program at Drury University is a community. The Honors Student Associations hosts regular dinners, plans a fall day trip, organizes outings to cultural events, and sponsors a Spring banquet. Freshmen can join the honors living, learning community in which honors students live and learn together in Sunderland Hall. Juniors and seniors are encouraged and supported in their efforts to present their research and creative projects at academic conferences and other off-campus events.

Honors students want to discover, create, and lead. The Honors Program at Drury University offers a