Honors Program

The Honors Curriculum

The honors program provides an innovative and interdisciplinary curriculum. Students are invited to apply to this program. Completion of the full honors program leads to the Bachelor of Arts with honors degree.

Departmental honors encourage superior, advanced students to do intensive, independent creative work in a field of concentration, usually within their major. Successful completion of this program is noted on the diploma.

Drury’s honors program is designed to provide rigorous and innovative courses to intellectually ambitious students.  Honors courses enhance the interdisciplinary character of Drury’s Engaging Our World curriculum as well as a student’s major field of study. In addition, the honors senior colloquium and research project allows students to pursue in-depth study in an area of their own design, with the support of a select group of Drury faculty.  Students who complete this program will receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts with honors.

Entering freshmen will be invited to apply to the program if they have a composite ACT of 27 (combined SAT of 1820) or above and a high school grade point average of 3.5 or above.  Sophomores and juniors interested in challenging, intensive and independent work also are encouraged to apply to the honors program.  Applications and essays for admission are accepted during both the fall and spring semesters.  Students with strong applications will be invited to interview with members of the honors council and will be notified of their admission in time for registration for the next semester.  To graduate with honors, students must be accepted into the program by the fall of the year prior to graduation so that they may begin planning for their year-long honors senior research project.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.
HNRS 205: First-Year Honors
HNRS 401 and 402: Senior Colloquiumand Research

Choose one course from the following:
HNRS 223: Individual Intellectual Development Seminar I
HNRS 323: Individual Intellectual Development Seminar II

Choose three courses from the following (at least two 300-level courses required):
HNRS 202: Gothic and Supernatural Literature
HNRS 202: Understanding the Holocaust
HNRS 211: African American Cultural Studies
HNRS 211: Cultural and Literary History on Route 66
HNRS 211: Rhetoric of Vietnam
HNRS 211: Surfing: American Culture or Sub-Culture
HNRS 301: Beyond Civilization
HNRS 301: Ecology, Feminism and Religion
HNRS 290, 390 Selected Topics in Honors
MATH 236: Honors Calculus I

Seniors only may take senior colloquium and research; admission to the colloquium requires approval from the honors council. Courses completed to fulfill requirements of the honors program may not be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis.

Students may also receive credit for an honors course by adding an honors option to a non-honors course.

The honors curriculum offers selected, exciting courses designed to develop the habits of thought of liberally educated persons — persons who recognize the connections and understand the specific in terms of other disciplines, times, texts and ideas. Each honors course provides an opportunity for in-depth study while contributing to the student’s understanding of the larger whole.

Drury University is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). Students who are active in Drury’s honors program are thus eligible to participate in the honors semester programs offered each year by the NCHC.

Although not affiliated with the university honors program, departmental honors encourage superior, advanced students to do intensive, independent creative work in a field of concentration, usually within their major.  Successful completion of this program is noted on the diploma.  Interested students should consult with the chair of their department.

Selected topics should be confirmed with the director of the honors program for consideration as credit.