Honors Program

Teaching and Mentoring in the Honors Program

Your teaching and mentoring is invaluable to Drury’s University Honors Program and to Honors students. All faculty who teach in or mentor for the Honors Program will be listed as University Honors Faculty on the Honors website. It is a way to signal to the campus and to our students that you have provided a vital and compelling learning opportunity. Each year a letter of appreciation will be sent to you as well as to the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs to further recognize your instructional excellence.

Drury faculty can participate in the Honors Program in several important ways: as professors of honors seminars; as directors and committee members for Senior Colloquium & Research projects; and as members of the Honors Council. Information on developing an honors course and on serving on a Senior Colloquium & Research committee is presented below. For additional information, please contact Richard Schur.


If you are interested in teaching excellent and dedicated students in the Honors Program, calls for seminar proposals are issued in September, and proposals are due before Thanksgiving.

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Serving on an Honors Senior Colloquium & Research project is intellectually exciting and professionally rewarding. To learn more about the process of overseeing an Honors senior project, please read the section on faculty expectations and benefits. Additional information about the thesis process, timeline, and requirements can be found at the Honors Senior Colloquium & Research page.

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