Recent Honors Projects & Graduates

Sample Recent Honors Thesis Projects


"Coral Disease and Its Prevalence Along the Roatan, Honduras Coastline of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System"

"Forcing Compliance: Police Training - Perspectives and Responses to Use of Force"

"Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer: Reality in Rimas"

“'I Feel Different': An Examination of Uncertainty Management Processes of International Students"

"Optimization of Novel Techniques to Study Cell-Cell Transmission of HIV"

"Political Participation and Anti-Americanism: A Case Study of Iraq"

"Shaping Renaissance Florence’s Identity Through Devotion to Marian Miraculous Images"


“Alcatraz and Azkaban: Theories of Criminality in Harry Potter”

“Originalism v. the Living Constitution: An Interpretive Debate”

“Religious Ecstasy and Pentecostalism: A Look into the Factors that Drive Ecstatic Episodes”

“Speaking the Same Language: Court Interpretation in Southwest Missouri”

“A Tale of Two Twitters”

“Theatre: Creating. Doing. Being.”



“Dan Brown, Conspiracy, and the Public Eye: Understanding the Appeal of The Da Vinci Code to Post-9/11 Readers”

“Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling as a Therapeutic Resource: A Comprehensive Analysis”

“The Pain Predicament: Finding an Integrative Approach to Chronic Pain”

“The Synthesis of Bach Into Twentieth Century Voices”

“Voting Isn't Fair: The Underlying Voting Power Distribution of the United States' Electoral College”