Honors Program

Applying to Honors

Drury’s Honors Program is highly competitive. Each year no more than 20 students are accepted. These students are chosen based on their academic accomplishments and the quality of their applications.

Apply Now

High-School Seniors and Incoming Freshmen

High-school seniors and incoming freshmen may apply if they meet one of the following requirements:  

  • 3.60 high school GPA
  • ACT score of 28 (SAT 1200) or higher
  • Top 10-15% of High School class
  • Score of 95 on IBT TOEFL
  • Significant achievement in an academic area or co-curricular activity.

Transfer Students and Students Currently Attending Drury

Any college student currently attending Drury (or with plans to transfer to Drury) with a 3.5 GPA or better may apply to the honors program on the "Apply Now" button above. In addition, write a statement of at least 300 words about what Drury’s honors program would mean to you. If you took part in an honors program at another school, discuss this in your written statement. Send your written statement to Richard Schur at rschur@drury.edu.

Transfer Students from OTC

Transfer students who have successfully completed OTC’s honors program (with an associate’s degree) and who are admitted to Drury’s program (after applying as described in the previous section) receive honors credit for their honors coursework at OTC.