About the History Program

History is the study of peoples, societies and events from the earliest times to the present. Grounded in the examination of primary sources such as documents, wills, poems or artifacts that illuminate the past, historians seek to provide meaningful interpretations of the human experience. Studying the traditions, events and decisions of those in the past provides insights for the contemporary world. The history major serves as excellent preparation for careers in education, public policy, consultancy, museum work, law, park service, libraries and business. History majors have attended graduate and professional schools in history, anthropology, museum studies, divinity studies, law and medicine. The analytical thinking and writing skills associated with history provide important professional and civic competencies for practical application in many fields.

The Department of History offers introductory survey courses, research methods seminars and upper level subject studies in American, European, African, Asian and Middle Eastern history. Thematic courses address film and history, military history, biography, and gender, race, and cultural studies. The senior capstone seminar provides opportunity for independent research by examining historical documents. Departmental honors, Phi Alpha Theta history club and field trips provide students additional opportunities to interact with faculty. The department encourages students to consider studying abroad or to complete an internship as a supplement to the major or minor.