History Major

History is the study of peoples, societies and events from the earliest times to the present. Grounded in the examination of primary sources such as documents, wills, poems or artifacts that illuminate the past, historians seek to provide meaningful interpretations of the human experience. Studying the traditions, events and decisions of those in the past provides insights for the contemporary world. The history major serves as excellent preparation for careers in education, public policy, consultancy, museum work, law, park service, libraries and business. History majors have attended graduate and professional schools in history, anthropology, museum studies, divinity studies, law and medicine. The analytical thinking and writing skills associated with history provide important professional and civic competencies for practical application in many fields.

The Department of History offers introductory survey courses, research methods seminars and upper level subject studies in American, European, African, Asian and Middle Eastern history. Thematic courses address film and history, military history, biography, and gender, race, and cultural studies. The senior capstone seminar provides opportunity for independent research by examining historical documents. Departmental honors, Phi Alpha Theta history club and field trips provide students additional opportunities to interact with faculty. The department encourages students to consider studying abroad or to complete an internship as a supplement to the major or minor.

Download the History Major Advising Sheet (PDF)

A history major requires a minimum of 33 hours. All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses. Day school students are not allowed to register for online and CCPS courses during the fall and spring semesters.

Foundational Courses
Choose one methods in history course (students should meet this requirement before enrolling in any 300-level history course):
HIST 250: Engaging the Past: Colonial America
HIST 252: Engaging the Past: U.S. Sports History
HIST 255: Engaging the Past:The Black Death
HIST 257: Engaging the Past: Texts in Context
HIST 258: Engaging the Past:Revolutions, 1789-1917

American History Courses
HIST 101: United States History to 1865
HIST 102: United States History 1865 to Present

Choose one additional course from American History:
HIST 251: History of Slavery
HIST 265: Native American History
HIST 274: Vietnam and American Society
HIST 320: The American Revolution
HIST 330: The American Civil War
HIST 343: Latin American History
HIST 350: African-American History
HIST 376: The American South Since 1865
HIST 390: Selected Topics in American History

European History Courses
Choose three courses from European History(at least one course must be 200-level and at least one course must be pre-modern):
HIST 230: Modern Europe
HIST: 321 Women in European History
HIST: 380 Hitler and Stalin
HIST 381: The Holocaust
HIST: 390 Selected Topics in European History

Pre-modern courses include:
HIST: 220 Ancient Civilization
HIST: 223 Medieval Europe
HIST: 225 Renaissance and Reformation
HIST: 273 Rome, the City: Ancient to Renaissance
HIST: 322 Joan of Arc: Film and History
HIST: 342 The European Witch-Hunts

World History Courses
Choose three courses from World History(at least one 100-level course required):
HIST 108: World History from 1500
HIST 109: Asian History to 1700
HIST 212: Food, Culture and Identity in Asia
HIST 213: China: Film and History
HIST 244: Russia and the Soviet Union
HIST 306: History and Culture of Taiwan
HIST 325: Gender and Culture: East Asia
HIST 344: History of Modern Africa
HIST 346: History of Modern China
HIST 347: History of Modern Japan
HIST 374: Social History of India
HIST 375: Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST 385: Cold War Conflict and theDeveloping World
HIST 390: Selected Topics in World History

From the 21 hours of American, European or World History, one course must address race, women or gender history.  These courses include:
HIST 251: History of Slavery
HIST 321: Women in European History
HIST 322: Joan of Arc: Film and History
HIST 325: Gender and Culture: East Asia
HIST 342: The European Witch-Hunts
HIST 350: African-American History
HIST 374: Social History of India
HIST 390: Selected Topics in Race, Women or Gender History

Capstone Course
HIST 494: Capstone Research Seminar

**Majors must complete 12 hours at the 300 level.
**Majors must complete a methods class, introductory surveys and at least two upper-level classes before enrolling in HIST 494 Capstone Research Seminar.
**Optional, professional learning experiences include Internships and HIST 496: Honors Research.