12th Annual Undergraduate Conference

The Department of History, Philosophy & Religion held Drury University's 12th Annual Undergraduate Conference. The conference took place Monday, December 5th in the Olin Room. Their research topics range from the impact of "Indian Boarding Schools", the Crimean war, the West Coast Hip-Hop music, Skih practice of gender equality, Confucian Value-Ethical perspective on racial colorblindness, to Authentic Self, Mind, and healthcare. Congratulations to Ben James, Dylan Johnson, Megan Ortmeyer, Cassie Atchley, Andrea Soriano, Zachary kellner, Dane Ruggeri, Hezekiah Harrison, Marshall Phelan, and Joshua Kimrey! Many thanks to Dr. Teresa Hornsby for teaching the Capstone Research Seminar. You guys have worked hard all semester and have produced very solid results! 

The following students presented their capstone research:

Uncharted Water: Themes of 18th and 19th Century Mutiny
Ben James

The Road to Defeat: Imperial Russian Bureaucracy and the Crimean War
Dylan Johnson

An Exploration of the Effects of Culture on the Sikh Practices of Gender Equality
Megan Ortmeyer

Harmony, Equality, and Racial Colorblindness: A confucian virtue-ethical perspective 
Cassie Atchley

Triple Threat: The dangerous combination of gender, race, and sex
Andrea Soriano

The Rose That Grew From Concrete: How west coast hip-hop influenced a movement
Zachary Kellner

The State of Consciousness: An argument for the mind
Dane Ruggeri

Constructing a Self: The question of authentic identities in persons with dissociative identity disorder
Hezekiah Harrison

Theft of a Nation: The lasting effects of the "Indian boarding schools" on Native American Communities
Marshall Phelan

Money, Property, and Health: The appropriation of healthcare as a commodity
Joshua Kimery