Philosophy Minor

The philosophy minor requires a minimum of 15 credit hours.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollment in the following courses.

Introductory Courses
Choose one course from the following:
PHIL 100: Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking
PHIL 101: The Meaning of Life
PHIL 200: Classical Problems in Philosophy

Choose one course from the following:
PHIL 305: Ethical Issues in Health Care
PHIL 310: Asian Ethics
PHIL 316: Ethics
PHIL 320: Environmental Ethics
RELG 309: Christian Ethics

Choose three courses from the following:
PHIL 214: Free Will
PHIL 216: What is Knowledge?
PHIL 277: Philosophy of Science
PHIL 314: History of Philosophy IV: Contemporary European
PHIL 336: Philosophy of Self
PHIL 351: Existentialism in Philosophy, Film and Literature
PHIL 374: Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 376: Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 290, 390, 490: Selected Topics
PHIL 391, 392, 491, 492: Research
PHIL 397, 398, 497, 498: Internship
PHIL 495, 496: Honors Research