History students Visit Rome during Special Jubilee year

Visiting Rome during the Jubilee Year, called by Pope Francis as a special year of mercy, allowed Drury students studying abroad in Rome for one month new opportunities. Not only did they walk through the Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica, opened only every twenty-five years, but they also toured the Holiest of Holy chapel, the private chapel of the pope from the time of the Middle Ages to today. The jubilee also allowed, with special reservation, a tour on the top of the medieval papal corridor that extends from St. Peter’s basilica to Castel San Angelo. Together they walked towards St. Peter’s basilica, crossed over the boundary to Vatican city, and stopped for the photo shown. To do so,  they were required to wear yellow safety vests for security; later they donned construction hats as they entered the dark dungeon of the Castel San Angelo.

Dr. Shelley Wolbrink, along with Dr. Jeff VanDenBerg, take around ten to thirteen students to Rome every summer.

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