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History, Philosophy & Religion Faculty

Dr. Leah Blakey
Associate Professor of History
Dr. Christopher Panza
Dean, College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
Professor of Philosophy
  Dr. Peter Browning
Professor of Religion, Chaplain
Dr. Jack Powers
Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Hue-Ping Chin
Department Chair of History, Philosophy & Religion
Professor of History
Director, Asian Studies
Dr. Ted Vaggalis
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Political Science
  Dr. David Goldberg
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Dr. Shelley Wolbrink
Professor of History
Director, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program
Dr. Teresa Hornsby 
Professor of Religion


Joni Allison Joni Allison
Administrative Assistant to the Dean
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Angela Hitchcock Angela Hitchcock
Floating Academic Department Secretary