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Reproductive Health Clinics

Resources for Birth-Control and Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing

AIDS Project of the Ozarks
881-1900 1901 E. Bennett, Suite D (One block E. of Glenstone in Walker Plaza)

  • All STD testing is referred to Springfield Greene Co. Health Dept.
  • Testing for HIV: Tu, W, Th by appointment only
  • Results in 2 weeks by appointment only
  • Fee: $10 donation, if able
  • Free counseling—call with questions

865-3430 Hotline: 1-800-550-4900 431 S. Jefferson M thru Th, 10am-3pm

  • Crisis pregnancy ministry, volunteer staff
  • FREE pregnancy tests (UPT)
  • Referrals for other services (Medicaid, WIC, Crosslines)
  • Have some emergency supplies (depending on donations) available for babies in crisis (diapers & formula & maternity clothes)

Greene County Health Department
864-1658 (main number) 227 E. Chestnut Expressway

  • Services are FREE
  • STD (CONFIDENTIAL) Walk-In Clinic: M,W,F 8am or 1pm, first come first serve.
  • HIV (ANONYMOUS) Walk-In Clinic:M-F 8am & 1pm, first come first serve. Your best chance of being seen that day at the walk-in clinic is if you arrive before 8am for the morning clinic or between 12 and 1pm for the afternoon clinic and take a number and fill out a slip of paper located in the lobby of the Health Dept. by the pay phone.

Pregnancy Care Center
877-0800 1923 S. National, Suite C (across from St. John’s Hospital)

  • All Services CONFIDENTIAL
  • Appointments or Walk-Ins
  • Results While You Wait
  • Free Pregnancy Testing
  • For Positive Pregnancy Tests of 6-12 weeks Pregnant, free ultrasound
  • Referrals to Other Agencies (WIC, Crosslines)
  • Parenting Classes/Nurtrition Classes/Lactation Consultant Available

OACAC Family Planning
864-3410 215 S. Barnes (corner of Barnes and Chestnut Expressway) M thru F, 8am-5pm

  • All fees are sliding scale based on income. We are a federally funded Title X clinic
  • Initial Exam (includes PAP and STD testing as medically indicated)
  • We offer birth control pills, IUDs, Depo Provera and other methods as requested
  • Gardasil vaccine
  • Pregnancy testing on a walk-in basis, M thru F, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.
  • Students may pick up condoms at any time for FREE, just show your student ID. They are pre-packaged in bags of 24. More may be picked up at same visit for a donation.
  • Appointments are needed for Exams.
  • STD testing and treatment only if already an established patient. (No walk-ins for STD testing)
  • Family Planning Clinic is for women only. We offer male STD testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HIV at a flat fee
  • Plan B Emergency Contraceptive (Morning After Pill) is available at a reduced rate over the counter with photo ID. For most effectiveness, it should be used within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Call for more information and pricing.

Planned Parenthood
883-3800 626 E. Battlefield M, Tu, Th, 9am-7pm; W, 9am-4pm; F, 9am-4pm; Sat, 9am-2pm; Sun, closed.

  • Appointments Preferred •Full GYN exam (includes PAP & GC for age 24 and under)$98. Age 25 and up, charge for GC added, $31
  • Consultation only for contraception $25.(Full exam not required to start OCPs)
  • Contraceptive prices: Birth control pills, (avg.) $21 per pack Depo Provera, $58 every 12 weeks Patches, (call regarding availability), $32 Spermicidal Gels, $12 (10 applications) Diaphragms $23, spermicidal cream, $9 Nuva Ring (vaginal ring that releases hormones) $25/mo Condoms, 35 cents each Emergency Contraceptive, $47 for first visit, $22 refills, must come in within 120 hours of unprotected sex, the earlier the better.
  • Pregnancy testing: UPT, $22 HCG (2 types), $49
  • HPV (warts) diagnosis (there needs to be an outbreak at the time.) Treatment: medication called to pharmacy, pt applies cream to lesions at home, $100
  • HIV/AIDS testing: $55
  • Males can be treated for STD’s (urine test, even with no symptoms, $75)