Health Career News & Resources

Both Nursing and Medical Assisting are rapidly growing fields and include a diverse set of career options. Read through the below articles to learn about the many different tasks and work environments that exist.

Benefits of Higher Education
Students who attend institutions of higher education obtain a wide range of personal, financial, and other lifelong benefits; society as a whole also beneficiate of a better educated citizen.

A Neonatal Niche
Medical companies ignored the needs of premature infants, inspiring a nurse to become an entrepreneur

Interview: Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse
Ready to learn more about nurses who work beyond the bedside? Nurses who work in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab (CCL) play an important role in cardiac care.

The Touch
Question is: are there more things in nursing than science can explain?

Nursing: Beyond the Books
A Nursing Student’s Lessons are Rich, and Varied

Interview – School Nurse
Erin's position as a school nurse covers two elementary schools and a middle school – almost 2000 students.

Gabe Does CPR
A series of pictures showing an 8-month old baby saving a glowworm's life.

Interview – Correctional Nursing
Lorry defines “correctional nursing” as nurses who take care of inmate-patients in jails and prisons.

Important Qualities for a Health Practice Office Manager
One of the most critical positions in a health practice is that of the office manager.

From evacuations to power outages to floods, nurses brave Sandy
In the midst of massive Superstorm Sandy . . . nursing staff were faced with a decision.