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New Budget Account Request Form

This form should be used for student organizations that need to set up a new Drury University budget account.

All financial transactions for a student organization must be processed through the Drury University budget account. The student organization may not keep their money in an account at another institution such as a bank or credit union.

Drury University Business Office will post all transactions to your account and provide your group with statements on request.

Student Organization:
Campus Advisor:
Campus Advisor Office:
Campus Advisor Phone:
Campus Advisor Email:


All applicable university regulations, state and federal laws, and municipal ordinances should be followed when engaging in financial activities on campus. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. The student organization listed above agrees to use the Drury University budget account for all financial transactions and agrees to honestly conduct all financial transactions.

I have read and fully understand all related financial policies of Drury University, all student organization guidelines, and any applicable laws. I agree that our financial activities will comply with all policies, guidelines, and laws. I understand that incomplete/false information could limit future financial activities. Our student organization understands and will comply with any requests for financial audits from Student Government Association, the Student Activities Office, or any authorized Drury University financial personnel.

I certify that the information listed above is true. By selecting this box on this form verifies that I agree to the previous statements and will comply with any action is deemed necessary by Drury University, including the Student Activities Office and the Office of Financial Services.

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