Meet Interfraternity Council

Larry Page
Faculty Advisor
Fraternity Residence Director and Greek Programs Coordinator

Rob Neiss
Director of Greek Life & Student Activities
FSC 124
Office: (417) 873-3061

Brett Green 
Fraternity: Lambda Chi Alpha
Year: Junior
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Oakville, Missouri

Favorite thing about Greek Life: "The friendships, everyone is close. I see it within each chapter, the brotherhood/sisterhood that each chapter values actually means something here at Drury. You see members being there for each other when it is needed, and working towards the betterment of their own chapter through their educational sessions and philanthropy events. It's something I feel very fortune to be a part of. You won't get this experience anywhere else."


Ben Love
Vice President
Fraternity: Kappa Alpha Order
Year: Junior
Major: Biology, Chemistry
Hometown: Springfield, Missouri

Favorite thing about Greek Life: "Being apart of community of students who strive to excel in all they do. The sense of brotherhood in my own house is very strong, and all the houses get along well."


Leo Van Deuren Jr. 
Fraternity: Sigma Pi
Year: Junior
Major: Physics
Hometown: Branson, Missouri

Favorite thing about Greek Life: "That large group of self-organizing students can come together to accomplish big goals."


Trey Hufham
Fraternity: Sigma Nu
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Biology, Chemistry
Hometown: Rogersville, Missouri

Favorite thing about Greek Life: "My favorite thing about Greek Life is the opportunity for leadership and community involvement with my fellow Greek members."


Tyler Breckenkamp
VP of Recruitment 
Year: Freshman
Fraternity: Lambda Chi Alpha
Majors: Bio-Chemistry, Spanish
Hometown: Washington, Missouri

Favorite thing about Greek Life: "The opportunity to meet new people, and get involved."


Tyler Lovewell
Events Coordinator
Year: Junior
Fraternity: Sigma Nu
Major: Biology, Spanish
Hometown: Springfield, Missouri


John Winter
Involvement Coordinator
Year: Senior
Fraternity: Sigma Nu
Majors: Environmental Studies
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri




Cody Stepp
Marketing and Community Outreach
Year: Senior
Fraternity: Sigma Pi
Hometown: Bolivar, Missouri