Greek chapters are an important component to the Drury University experience. Quality leadership, especially a chapter president, can determine the effectiveness and success of a Drury Greek chapter. Greek organizations are recommended to have a structured chapter management & leadership development program.  Each chapter should select a chapter president that manages and maintains the chapter's operations & program.  The chapter management & leadership development program should include:

  • Develop and implement annual goals for the chapter
  • Lead Executive Council meetings
  • Provide members with opportunities to present ideas and feedback in a comfortable, accepting environment
  • Set and maintain chapter standards and communicate expectations clearly to all members
  • Hold chapter members accountable for actions and performance
  • Schedule & mentor meetings, programs and member development opportunities
  • A system for member accountability and feedback
  • Regular, consistent and effective communication with the Greek Life Office
  • Participation in Greek and university Improvement and Action Plans
  • Structured, documented member billing system
  • Structured, accurate member participation & attendance system
  • Providing recognition and incentives for member performance & involvement
  • Presenting achievement awards for member performance & involvement

Officer Meetings
Individual Meetings: This officer meets every other week with the Greek Life staff for an individual meeting. During the meeting, the Greek Life Staff and Chapter Officer will review important information including:

  • Standards of Excellence Accreditation Report: Review the Greek Life & university standards for your position and progress made.
  • Goals, Projects & Action Plan: What are your goals and how are you accomplishing these goals? What projects are you currently working on? How are things going? What are you proud of? What needs to be improved?
  • Calendar: What are upcoming chapter events and activities that relate to your office?
  • Ideas & Feedback: What big ideas do you have? What are chapter members talking about? What feedback can you provide for improvements?
  • Greek Life Staff Assistance:  How can we help you? What you need to know from the Greek Life Staff or university?
  • At-risk students:  Which chapter members are you concerned about? What is the chapter doing to help them or hold them accountable?  How can we help?
  • Membership: Review member additions and drops, officer changes and updates, and chapter emerging leaders.
  • Performing students: Which chapter members are you proud of from a involvement, understanding and meeting expectations standpoint? (ie. great GPA, always attends chapter events and programs, positive attitude and work ethic, leadership success or potential, participates regularly in important programs)

Group Meetings: This officer meets monthly with the other chapter/council presidents as part of the Greek President's Council. During the meeting, the Greek presidents will review important information including:

  • Community Needs: What are the community needs, how can we improve the Greek community?
  • Community Success: What are the community successes, what has worked to improve chapters and our Greek community?
  • Recognition Opportunities: What recognition opportunities are planned at a chapter/council level? At a Greek community level?
  • Calendar: What are upcoming chapter/council events and activities?

Meetings with University President
Fraternity and Sorority presidents meet once per semester with the university president. The Greek Advisor and the Dean of Students also attend the meeting. During meeting with the University president, the group will review important information including:

  • Greek Action Plan Review: Developed in Fall 2007 through a collaborative effort with Greek Presidents and the university president; this plan reviews social and safety information designed to keep members of Greek organizations safe throughout their collegiate experience. The IFC and Panhellenic president facilitate updates to the Greek Action Plan each semester based on the changing needs of the Greek community.
  • Ideas & Feedback: What big ideas do you have? What are chapter/council members talking about? What feedback can you provide for improvements?
  • University Assistance:  How can Drury help you and the chapter? What you need to know from the Greek Life Staff or university relating to your position.