House & Suite Manager

House & Suite Standards Program & Recognition
A safe living experience is a priority of the Drury Greek Life Community. Each chapter understands the value of member comfort and accountability in campus life and provides opportunities to help each member make the most of their Greek house/suite experience. Greek organizations are required to have a structured House & Suite Standards program. Each chapter should elect or appoint a chapter House/Suite manager that manages and maintains the chapter's House & Suite program. The chapter house/suite program should include:

  • Written emergency plan that is reviewed with the entire chapter each semester
  • Written cleaning and maintenance program that is assigned to and completed by initiated chapter members
  • Tornado Drill completed once annually
  • Fire Drill completed four times annually
  • Fire Extinguishers checked annually
  • Chapter Evacuation Strategy posted in house/suite kitchen
  • Chapter Emergency Contact numbers posted in house/suite kitchen
  • Formal Recruitment Safety Checks completed with council officers
  • Health & Safety checks completed monthly
  • Providing recognition and incentives for member performance and participation
  • Presenting house/suite awards for member performance and participation
  • (Fraternities only) House filled to university-required capacity
  • (Fraternities only) House evacuation plans posted in every room on the back of the main door

Officer Meetings with Greek Life Staff
The Greek Life Staff meets monthly with this Officer. During the meeting, the Greek Life Staff and the Chapter Officer will review important information including:

  • Standards of Excellence Accreditation Report: Review the Greek Life & University standards for your position and progress made.
  • Goals, Projects & Action Plan: What are your goals and how are you accomplishing these goals? What projects are you currently working on? How are things going? What are you proud of? What needs to be improved?
  • Calendar: What are upcoming chapter events and activities that relate to your office?
  • Ideas & Feedback: What big ideas do you have? What are chapter members talking about? What feedback can you provide for improvements?
  • Greek Life Staff Assistance: How we help you? What you need to know from the Greek Life Staff or university?
  • Housing Standards: Review FIPG, applicable laws, university policies
  • Facility: Facility: Discuss new maintenance, custodial requests and review pending requests.
  • Building Security: Discuss new building security issues, requests and ideas