Greek Safety Focus

Drury Greeks promote positive change & programs

Experience responsibility as a member of Drury Greek Life. Drury Greek students embrace partnerships that lead to positive community change. Drury Greek students articulate and implement their visions and actions, resulting in personal growth and community development. Greek chapters are student-led organizations that have responsible and committed student leaders, organized operations and standard accountability procedures. Each chapter regularly reports to their national office, their chapter alumni and to the university.

Drury Greek students consistently grow and learn from their brothers/sisters more independent students. Drury Greek chapters consistently earn national awards and recognition for their safe-living success. Each chapter holds safety and accountability as a prime ideal for all members and strives to improve the overall wellness and achievement of members and new members. By joining a Drury Greek chapter, students are encouraged to challenge themselves to achieve and maintain strong wellness ideals and results.

Safe Living Support Available
Drury Greek students learn leadership and accountability skills from their Greek safe-living experience.  Leadership topics covered can include learning ethical leadership and decision-making, motivation and delegation, how to handle confrontation effectively, opportunities for personal or chapter goal-setting and strategic planning. Chapters provide members and new members with practical opportunities for leadership development practice and how to address and resolve issues. These include chapter and new member retreats, officer positions, chapter committee involvement, participation in campus leadership programs and educational workshops to increase safe living understanding and involvement.  

Safe Living Recognition Opportunities
Chapters provide members and new members with multiple opportunities for safe-living leadership and involvement recognition. From distinctive ceremonies and award certificates to special meeting treats and personal congratulatory contact, each member and new member is recognized as a valued individual contributor to the Greek safe-living community.  This support and recognition encourages each student to reach their full potential, support their peers by holding them accountable and rewards members that have achieved success as student leaders.

Greek Leadership & Safety Class
Greek Life Leadership & Safety for-credit class introduces students to current safe living practices through the integration of research, discussion and implementation.  Emphasis is placed on understanding applicable laws and policies, conversations regarding current trends, issues and solutions at a national and local level and implementation to promote safe and healthy communities through Greek Life organizations.

Greek Life Standards & Policies
Drury is a safe place to be a Greek student because Drury Greek chapters are known for their bonds of friendship, generous gifts and fun activities. Drury University and all Greek chapters uphold all policies and procedures to ensure a safe experience for all Drury Greek students and guests. View Drury University Policies & Procedures.