Greek Leadership Focus

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Drury Greek chapters provide many important opportunities to develop leadership potential and provide real-world experience to members through officer positions, committees and involvement in campus and community groups. Membership in a Greek chapter provides numerous opportunities for students to be involved in leadership roles. As a chapter officer, coordinator of a chapter event or community service project, Greek students can further develop their leadership skills. Chapters also provide educational programming in areas such as time management, leadership, and communication.

Drury Greek students have a better leadership experience and more leadership opportunities. Greek membership will be one of your commitments at Drury, but you should make it a priority. Your Greek experience will be what you make it; the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  Greek students are also extremely involved in campus-wide leadership activities. At Drury, members and leaders of many campus organizations are Greek.  By joining a Drury Greek chapter, students are encouraged to become involved in campus-wide activities and chapter leadership roles.

Leadership Development Support Available

Drury Greek students experience a variety of leadership development skills as part of their Greek experience. Leadership topics covered can include learning ethical leadership and decision-making, motivation and delegation, how to handle confrontation effectively, opportunities for personal or chapter goal-setting and strategic planning. Chapters provide members and new members with practical opportunities for leadership development practice. These include chapter and new member retreats, officer positions, chapter committee involvement, participation in campus leadership programs and special workshops to increase leadership understanding and performance.

Leadership Recognition Opportunities

Chapters provide members and new members with multiple opportunities for leadership and involvement recognition. From distinctive ceremonies and award certificates to special meeting treats and personal congratulatory contact, each member and new member is recognized as a valued individual contributor to the Greek leadership community. This support and recognition encourages each student to reach their full potential and rewards members that have achieved success as student leaders.

Greek President Leadership Council

Fraternity and sorority chapter presidents meet monthly as a group to discuss important initiatives, successes and opportunities within the Drury University Greek community, such as concerns that impact all Greek students, ideas to enhance Greek Life, and new programs to continue to build positive relationships between chapters. Each GPC meeting has a designated Greek president leader that facilitates discussion topics and assist chapters in addressing common points of interest. The Drury Greek President’s Council has been essential in the forward, positive movement of the Drury Greek community.

Greek Excellence Awards

Gamma Sigma Alpha, Drury's national Greek Academic Honor Society, sponsors the annual Greek Excellence Awards highlighting member and new member academic accomplishments during the ceremony. This ceremony is held each year during Greek Week and awards distinctions to outstanding students such as the Living Your Values Award, Innovation Award, Distinguished Service Award and Outstanding Member and New Member Awards.