Greek Academic Focus

Drury Greeks outperform independent students academically

Experience academic achievement as a member of Drury Greek Life.
As a Greek student at Drury University, academic excellence is a priority of college life.  Drury Greeks take great pride in their academic achievements and recognize the importance of academic support. Greek chapters work with members on an individual basis to strengthen academic performance and provide multiple resources to help every member succeed.

Academic Support Available
Chapters provide members and new members a variety of academic support options to enable students to reach and maintain their academic goals. These support options include weekly study sessions, partnering new members with upperclassmen study buddies of similar majors, faculty/staff/alumni mentors and special workshops to increase academic performance.

Academic Recognition Opportunities
Chapters provide members and new members with multiple opportunities for academic achievement recognition. From academic ceremonies and award certificates to special meeting treats and personal congratulatory contact, each member and new member is recognized as a valued individual contributor to the Greek academic community.  This support and recognition encourages each student to reach their full potential and rewards members that have achieved desired academic success.  These recognition opportunities include scholarship banquets, special treats or academic award certificates.

National Greek Academic Honor Society
Gamma Sigma Alpha, Drury's national Greek Academic Honor Society, provides members and new members with regular recognition for academic achievement. Gamma Sigma Alpha sponsors an academic recognition ceremony each semester and presents awards to any Greek student earning a 3.0+ cumulative GPA. Gamma Sigma Alpha also sponsors the annual Greek Excellence Awards highlighting member and new member academic accomplishments during the ceremony.

Academic Guidelines

Greek organizations are expected to maintain the academic standards of the Greek community, including the chapter semester GPA should be above the men's/women's semester GPA and the all-fraternity/all-sorority semester GPA.

Each chapter has their own academic requirements for joining and maintaining membership. However, Greek organizations are required to have chapter GPA standards for officers and initiation into the chapter. The Student Activities Office recommendations for these requirements are:

  • GPA standard for initiation into the chapter: 2.75 GPA
  • GPA standard for holding a chapter office: 2.75 GPA  

All Greek students are required to have a completed Grade Release Statement on file in the Student Activities Office. These forms are student-signed academic information release forms that allow chapter leadership to view grade-related information from each member. They remain effective for the duration of a member's involvement with their Greek chapter. Greek students are required to actively participate in one academic success program per semester.  This program is selected by the Academic officer and offered as a special program or incorporated in regular chapter meetings.

Greek GPA Archives

GPA Information & Reports
The Greek Life Office regularly provides GPA information reports to Greek organizations regarding member academic performance.  GPA Information is provided to Chapter Academic Chairs, Chapter  Presidents and a Chapter Advisor in an excel spreadsheet.  Grade  Watches are highlighted in yellow and Grade Risks are highlighted in  red.

Midterm GPA Information
Fall Midterm GPA information is submitted to chapter leadership in October near fall break and Spring Midterm GPA information is  submitted to chapter leadership in March near spring break. The Midterm GPA information spreadsheet includes information for each student in the chapter including:  First Name, Last Name, Chapter,  Grade and Class.  Midterm grades spreadsheets do not provide chapter or member GPA averages and are not a complete report of member's grades.  

Semester GPA Information
Fall Semester GPA information is submitted to chapter leadership at the beginning of February and Spring Semester GPA information is submitted to chapter leadership at the end of June.  The Semester GPA information spreadsheet includes information for each  student in the chapter including:  First Name, Last Name, Chapter,  hours attempted, hours earned, quality points semester GPA, cumulative  hours earned, cumulative GPA.  Semester grades spreadsheets do not  provide individual class listings or GPA earned per class.  

University GPA Reporting Process
GPA information is collected from Faculty and submitted to the  Registrar's office. The Greek Life Office requests a standard GPA query from the Administrative Computing office and once this report is  received, it is submitted to chapter leaders via email as an excel  attachment.  The entire process can take up to two weeks.