Academic Officer

Greek Life Academic Officer
Academic achievement is a priority of the Drury Greek Life Community. Each chapter understands the value of member academic performance and provides resources and support to help each member reach their academic potential.  Drury Greek chapters are recommended to have a structured academic program that is created, implemented and maintained by the chapter's academic officer as part of the Greek Leadership Team. The chapter academic program should include:

  • Information about campus academic services
  • Information about national/local scholarships available to chapter members
  • Participation in chapter study program
  • Connecting students with study-mentoring programs (study buddy, major connections, chapter tutoring services)
  • Coordinating academic-related guest speakers at chapter meetings
  • Participating in campus-sponsored academic improvement programs
  • Providing recognition and incentives for member performance
  • Presenting academic achievement awards for member performance

Greek Life Staff Collaboration
The Greek Life Staff meets communicates regularly with the Chapter Academic Officer regarding Semester and Mid-Term GPA Reporting. Reports are sent via email to the Chapter Academic Officer, Chapter President, Alumni Advisor and Campus Advisor.