The Drury Center in Greece

Living in Aegina

Drury rents a 6-apartment building in the center of Aegina Town as the student Residence. Each apartment is fully furnished, and includes access to the central courtyard and/or a private patio or balcony.  The Residence is located one block from the Drury Center. Both the Center and the Residence are very near grocery and other shopping. Rent is included in the program costs, but students are responsible for most of their own meals. Some program dinners are included. To help cover living expenses, students receive $810 per semester (about $60 a week). When students pool their money for groceries and utilize the apartment kitchenettes, this amount is usually enough for food and personal items for the semester.

Financial Information

Greece is a member of the European Union, and its currency is the euro. The cost of living is roughly equal to that in the U.S. Students will be able to grocery shop within easy walking distance of their apartments, and should be able to find most food items they are used to finding in grocery stores.

Medical / Dental Care

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs tend to be quite different in Greece than the U.S. Students who are aware of medical needs beforehand are advised to bring with them enough prescription medicine to last through the semester. Also, it is highly recommended to bring favorite and commonly used OTC drugs with them from the U.S., as the specific brand and/or combination of ingredients may not be available in Greece. If medical or dental needs arise while students are in Greece, Drury faculty and staff will make sure they get timely medical or dental attention from qualified professionals. Any necessary prescription drugs will be obtained at that time.

Each student must have health insurance coverage that is valid internationally for the duration of the program.  Please refer to the CDC’s health and vaccine recommendations for travelers to Greece.


The island of Aegina provides ample opportunities for outdoor life. Hiking, biking, swimming, and snorkeling are available all over the island. Weather is typically sunny and mild year-round, although a few cold snaps and rainy days occur during the winter months. Students should plan accordingly and bring clothing for both hot and cold weather.

Things to Do in Aegina

Local theatres offer live plays throughout the year. Aegina's archaeological museum contains items which cover thousands of years of Greek history. The Historical and Folklore Museum offers insight into how Greeks have lived more recently, and hosts cultural events. Several clubs in town provide live music entertainment.