The Drury Center in Greece

Courses Offered Each Semester at the Drury Center in Greece

2015-2016 Curriculum
Global Studio Greece*
Mediterranean Cultures: Travel Journal
Culture and Place: The Greek Legacy
Greek I or II
CORE 201 Global Foundations

Special courses
PDEV 205
MGMT 205

* Non-architecture students can opt out of Global Studio and choose an online course, or with enough student interest, an elective course. 

ARCH 390 Global Studio Greece. 3 hours.

An interdisciplinary studio that applies the lessons of CORE 201 Global Foundations to the future of the region and proposes solutions to local and regional problems. It studies issues of globalization within the context of developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the European Union.

Architecture students (study abroad requirement) non-architecture students (free elective)

ARCH 426 Travel Journel: Mediterranean Cultures. 3 hours.

Prerequisite: CORE 201. Co-requisite: ARCH 418, ARCH 456.

Students will apply cultural theories from CORE 201 Global Foundations to disciplined observation of the diversity of practices, rituals, habits and artistic productions of the peoples of the Mediterranean as the crossroads between Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Offered only with the Drury international semester program in Greece.

Architecture students (study abroad requirement) and non-architecture students (meets minorities and indigenous cultures requirement)

ARCH 456 Culture and Place: The Greek Legacy. 3 hours. (COREg)

Co-requisite: ARCH 418, ARCH 426.

This course examines Greece as a place of major significance in the consciousness of Western Civilization and the social cultural forces that have shaped its artistic, intellectual and spiritual traditions in the ancient, medieval and modern eras. Offered only with the Drury international semester program in Greece.

Architecture students (study abroad requirement); non-architecture CORE students
Architecture and non-architecture students (meets ideas and events)

ARTZ 290 Greece Field Studies Journal: A Graphic Novel. 3 hours.  (CORE)

Students will be introduced to basic concepts of visual expression, design, and layout, while they are introduced to and explore the language of the graphic novel. Students will engage in on-site analytical process of understanding and interpretation through conceiving and sketching a story. Offered only with the Drury international semester program in Greece.

Non-architecture CORE students (meets FA Invention divisional requirement)

GREE 102 Elementary Greek II. 3 hours.

Prerequisite: GREE 101.

A continuation of GREE 101 designed to develop an elementary proficiency for communicating in Greek and to intensify familiarity with the cultural values of Greek peoples.

Greek 101 is taken on Springfield campus the semester before going to Greece.

*Drury students who have completed their foreign language requirement and visiting students will take GREE 101 (Greek I) in Aegina.

CORE 201 Global Foundations 3 hrs. (CORE)

This course introduces stu­dents to the study of globalization and its impacts. Emphasis lies on the study of globalization as a concept, as well as the application of the concept to the examination of contemporary issues. 

All CORE students who haven’t taken it on campus

Special Courses

PDEV 205 Study Abroad for Engaged Learning. 0 hours.

Drury students who study abroad sign up for this course in order to get credit for Engaged Learning.

MGMT 205 Study Abroad. 0 hours.

Prerequisite: Study Abroad office must be notified and all policies must be followed including but not limited to insurance requirements.

This course meets the Drury Breech study abroad requirement. Study abroad trips that fall in this category will be for a year, semes­ter or stay of at least 21 days. These trips will in­clude formal enrollment in a University (Drury or other) study abroad program in any academic area. Students will have the opportunity to interact in the global business community on a variety of levels: business transactions, travel arrangements and interactions with residents of the host country. Application and prior approval is required. S/U Grading.