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Your Greece Experience

The Drury Center is based on the island of Aegina, Greece, and is the flagship program for Drury's extensive Study Abroad offerings.

In-depth studies outside the classroom are a defining element of the interdisciplinary curriculum during semester programs at the Drury Center in Greece. Single day excursions and longer field trips are alternated with in-class work throughout the term. Courses touch on globalization and sustainability, architecture, socio-cultural themes, history, language, and much more.

Short-term programs at the Drury Center in Greece are led by visiting faculty from many different universities in the United States and abroad. Our base in Aegina and the ease with which groups can travel to the rest of Greece and Europe make the DCG ideally situated for programs from a variety of disciplines.

About the Drury Center in Greece

Video: Your Greece Experience

This Week in Aegina

Visit the Drury Center in Greece Blog to discover the latest from our faculty, staff, and students studying in Aegina.

Where You'll Live & Study

Drury rents a 6-apartment building in the center of Aegina Town, and each apartment is fully furnished with access to the central courtyard and/or a private patio or balcony.

Life in Aegina

What is day-to-day life like for students studying in Greece? Find out with this look at Aegina, Greece, including a beautiful HD video view of the island.

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