The Drury Center in Greece

About the Drury Center in Greece

The Drury Center is based in the city of Aegina, Greece, and is the flagship program for Drury's extensive Study Abroad offerings. Academic work is done in collaboration with the city's educational, cultural and technical agencies.

This Week in Aegina

October 2, 2015

Upon returning from Croatia, our students had a Studio Day in Athens.  They visited many places among which was the FAROS organization that helps refugee minors.

Here they learned about the needs for young people who find themselves alone in a country where they don’t speak the language or understand the culture. They get fed and clothed and some are taught in their native tongue so that they don’t forget it.  It was an eye opening experience, one that will hopefully help them in their Studio design for this semester.

Contact: Thomas Russo Associate Dean, International Programs Professor, Art History Office: (417) 873-7503