The Grading System

A grade indicates a level of performance as demonstrated by a student and evaluated by an instructor. Grading symbols are A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, F, I, S, U, (IP).

A grade of “C” represents the lowest acceptable level of performance that can be expected of any Drury graduate student who gives a reasonable amount of time, effort and attention to the work of the course.

A grade of “C” may be counted toward the graduate degree only when off set by sufficient grade points on other courses. Any grade lower than a “C” represents failure in the course.

A grade of “B” indicates a higher level of performance than the standard defined for a grade of “C.” A grade of “B” indicates the quality and standard of academic work expected of graduate students. It involves excellence in some aspect of the work, such as completeness, accuracy, detail of knowledge or effective independent work.

A grade of “A” involves a level of performance that is conspicuously excellent in the factors indicated in the definition of “B.”

A grade of “S” (Satisfactory) indicates the attainment of a “B” level or better. A grade of “F” or “U” indicates an unacceptable level of performance.

An “I” grade is given for incomplete work only if illness or other unavoidable causes prevent the student from completing the course. The student is responsible for contacting the instructor and determining what must be done to remove the “I” grade.

Coursework must be completed and the “I” grade replaced with a letter grade within six weeks after the beginning of the semester immediately following the semester in which the “I” was received. The instructor granting the incomplete, or the graduate program director in his or her absence, is required to report to the registrar a grade for the permanent record at the end of that period. A grade of “I” not removed within the time period allowed will automatically be changed to an “F.” A specified extension of time for removal of the incomplete grade may be granted by the graduate program director.

Until the grade has been formally recorded, the course will not be considered as hours attempted and thus will not be a part of the cumulative grade point average.

A “W” indicates that the student has withdrawn from a course before the point in the term at which the faculty member is required to assign a final grade.

Generally, that point falls when 75% of the term has been completed; see the academic calendar for official drop dates in each term. The “W” grade is non-punitive.

Any student who unofficially drops a course or unofficially withdraws from college will receive an “F” in the course or courses.

Credit point averages will be computed as follows: each hour of A counts as 4.0; each hour of A- counts 3.7; each hour of B+ counts 3.3; each hour of B counts 3.0; each hour of B- counts 2.7; each hour of C+ counts 2.3; each hour of C counts 2.0.

Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

Some graduate courses are offered on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory courses are not to be included in the cumulative grade point average. A student receiving a grade of Unsatisfactory will not receive the credit toward graduation.

The grade point average is based only on academic courses taken at Drury University. The computation is made by dividing the total number of credit points earned by the total number of semester hours attempted. Grades of F are included when computing grade point averages and carry a value of zero points.

The grade point average is computed for courses that are repeated on the policy that the highest grade stands. Grade reports are available to students at the end of each semester or term. Grades are accessible on the web site to students with a valid student ID number and password. Additionally, students may request written notification of their grades to be sent to their permanent address.

Mid-semester grades are made available to all students at Drury University.