Philosophy of the Graduate Programs

The commitment of the graduate programs at Drury University is to the highest quality of education for the highest caliber of students through the best and most dedicated of faculty. The programs serve as a small number of students who continue on to receive doctorates, but primarily serve students as a terminal degree.

One of the goals of the program is to provide students with the ability, incentive, interests and background to become lifelong learners. Drury graduate programs strive to help students develop the skills and abilities to continue learning and adapting to the changing world. The method includes the development of self-discipline through a highly rigorous academic program. It is expected that graduate programs will be more demanding in time, effort and intellectual ability than undergraduate programs. The programs have meaning because they demand the very best from the students.

The graduate programs, like the undergraduate programs, have a strong commitment to liberal arts education. It is the nature of Drury’s graduate programs that students are provided with the experience and skills to move into careers. The awareness of actual job expectations in the preparations of students to meet those expectations is a part of this philosophy. At the same time, the graduate programs recognizes the need for an understanding of the theoretical bases for the areas of study, and they recognize the importance of research. Each student learns something about researching methods in his or her discipline as part of the graduate education, and all students are expected to do some research as part of their programs.

Throughout all of the courses and assignments in the graduate programs, students are encouraged to develop a breadth of perspective. The synthesis of information from other disciplines is an important goal of the faculty in the graduate programs; students need to have experience with such synthesis and to see models for doing this. All careers require value judgments, and the faculty of Drury University are committed to helping students explore questions and issues of ethics and values as part of their education. In addition, it is recognized that the successful person in our changing world must have the ability to think clearly and critically, to solve problems and to communicate clearly. The Drury University graduate programs have general commitments to help develop those skills as part of the student’s education.