Note to Students Receiving VA Educational Benefits

Minimum Standards for Veterans Education

Veterans or eligible people must be formally admitted during the first semester enrolled and must maintain a 3.0 GPA for all courses counted toward graduation. If at any time a veteran’s or eligible student’s GPA falls below 3.0, they will be placed on scholastic probation for one semester. If at the end of that semester the veteran or eligible student has raised their GPA to 3.0 or better, they will no longer be on scholastic probation. In the event that after the probationary period, the veteran or eligible student did not bring their GPA to 3.0 or better, they will be discontinued from receiving further educational benefits from the Veterans Administration. The only exception: If, after being placed on scholastic probation, the veteran or eligible student achieves a 3.0 GPA for the probationary period, but has not raised the GPA total to 3.0 or better, they will be allowed to continue as long as he or she can achieve a 3.0 average per semester.

Information You Should Know about VA Benefits

Punitive (Failing) grade: A grade assigned for pursuit of a course that indicates unacceptable coursework and no credit granted toward graduation for that pursuit. Although this type of grade results in no credit, it is distinguished from a non-punitive grade by the fact that it is considered in determining overall progress toward graduation, in that a penalty is exacted on a school graduation requirement, such as grade point average.

Drop-add period: If an eligible veteran or person withdraws from a course after the drop-add period, receives a non-punitive grade for that course and mitigating circumstances are not found, benefits for that course will be terminated effective the first date of enrollment.

The VA representative must be notified if an eligible veteran or person has any changes in enrollment status during a certified period of enrollment.