2014-2015 Graduate Catalog

How Drury Tuition is Paid

Educational costs are met by Drury students in two ways:

  1. The full cost may be covered by personal resources. The total bill is paid in full at the beginning of each semester, or a percentage of the full amount is paid and that balance is due in accordance with the deferred payment plan.
  2. The student may receive financial aid that, by law, cannot be automatically credited to the student account but which is paid to the student for application to educational expenses. With these types of aid, the student is solely responsible for paying university costs in accordance with the established payment plan.

Federal financial aid for graduate students at Drury University includes the Federal Direct Student Loan, unsubsidized, and Graduate PLUS Loan.

Federal Direct Student Loan, unsubsidized: This loan program represents an agreement between the university student and the U.S. Department of Education. Loan monies may not be released to the student until the student is fully charged. Drury University’s refund policy provides for prorated charges through the third week of classes. The loan will be wire-transferred from the Department of Education to the student’s account as early as the third week of school. After the third week of classes, the college will automatically generate and mail a refund check to the student for any loan monies in excess of the student’s account balance.