2014-2015 Graduate Catalog

Drury University Policies Regarding Financial Aid

Eligibility for Drury Grants and Scholarships

Graduate program students are not eligible for financial assistance funded by Drury University. Students must be classified as full-time undergraduate day school students to receive any financial assistance funded by Drury University.

Renewal of Financial Aid

All students receiving any type of federal (Title IV Funds) and/or state financial assistance must make satisfactory academic progress each academic year. A copy of the satisfactory academic progress statement is available online at www.drury.edu/fa.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements for Financial Aid

Federal legislation governing the administration of the Federal Pell Grant, the Federal Perkins Loan, the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), the Federal College Work-Study Program (FCWSP), the Federal Direct Student Loan Program and the Federal Parent Plus Loan Program requires that eligible institutions define and enforce standards of progress for students receiving financial aid. To comply with the legislation, the following standards of “Satisfactory Academic Progress” have been established at Drury University to ensure all students receiving financial aid are making reasonable progress toward completing their degree. All recipients of the above mentioned forms of financial aid as well as all state funded programs are subject to these standards for renewal of their financial aid. Students who fail to make progress will be suspended from receiving financial aid.

Satisfactory academic progress is defined as passing a required number of hours and achieving and maintaining a required 3.0 grade point average (GPA). Pace is calculated by dividing the cumulative number of credit hours completed by the cumulative number of credit hours attempted per semester. Students must maintain a pace equal to 67% of their cumulative hours completed per semester.


Students who do not comply with the satisfactory academic progress requirements may submit a written appeal to the financial aid director if unusual circumstances have affected the student’s academic progress. Go to www.drury.edu/fa, click on appeals and follow directions to submit the appeal. The financial aid committee will review the written appeal. The decision of the committee shall be final.