Graduate Studies

Admission Process for Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students

Students who wish to take graduate level courses for personal or professional development and already have or do not wish to pursue a masters degree may do so by seeking admission as a non-degree seeking student. Completion of a bachelors degree is necessary in order to take graduate level classes. Non-degree seeking students must complete the application, submit the $25 application fee and request that official copies of transcripts showing completion of the bachelors degree be sent to Drury University.

Non-degree seeking students are advised that they are not eligible for financial aid through Drury University, and that taking graduate level coursework as a non-degree seeking student at Drury University in no way guarantees admission to a graduate program at Drury University. Non-degree seeking students who desire to pursue a degree must meet all admission requirements. No special consideration will be given in the admission process to those who have taken courses in a non-degree seeking status.