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New Summerscape classes for 2015

Video Verisimilitude (Offered 1 pm - 4 pm)

In film, Verisimilitude refers to the believability of the story. To produce a video without losing its verisimilitude requires a fun and challenging blend of both abstract and technical thinking. In this class, you'll need to use both to conceptualize, write, film, and edit a short production. What you produce will be up to you! It could be a comedic sketch, an informative news-piece, an action flick, a noir-mystery...the possibilities are endless! This class will show you how to go from an idea to a real production. (Instructor:  Evan Melgren, Drury University)

Groove Theory: an exploration into the realm of rhythm (Offered 9 am – 12 noon)

In this class, we will explore the vast world of grooves and focus on the rhythms that create them. We will use percussion techniques on instruments and everyday items. Come enjoy various music styles while we layer percussive rhythms and sounds together with others sharing our interests in the primal world of rhythm. Jake Viele, Scholars Program, Central High School, Springfield, MO

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There is no deadline for registration UNLESS you are applying for a financial need scholarship (see Cost and Scholarships for that information). Classes just fill up so apply early.